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  • Anna Robinson


Not with your own ego, but with your collaborator’s ego. If you can understand what drives a person, understand what makes them act or behave in a certain way, and understand their subconscious intentions (even if they don't know them themselves) you can short circuit the path to being a great collaborator and creative partner.

If you are working with someone and they tend to talk a lot about their own achievements or things they have done in the past, pick up on that and then make them believe that the thing you are working on together will become something they can talk about for years to come. Their ego will latch on and they will be more highly invested. This isn’t trickery because you want to make sure your actions are always genuine, but instead it is just another communication tool where you are communicating directly to the motivating force behind another person’s ambition and passion.

(The image below is not me communicating with ego, it's just a good communication image lol)

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