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  • Anna Robinson


The first international show that I creative directed. I learned a hell of a lot on this production and I am very excited for the next show where I can implement all that I learned.

One big thing I learned was not to over promise. By "over promise" what I really mean is to try stay in your lane and not be a people pleaser for all. It is in my nature to want to help everyone out and be the person who can fix anything. Sometimes that just isn't the case... It is great to be able to step into other lanes at times but if that is going to come at the cost of the speed you can travel in your own lane then it may not be worth it or productive to the show as a whole.

Depending on the size of the show, lane changing will need to happen more or sometimes less. If there are people around you who can solve specific problems, make sure you use them to their full potential. A job you are trying to solve might literally be what someone else is being paid to do. Let them do it.

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