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  • Anna Robinson


In a recent interview I did with Voyage LA I talked about how a creative road is never smooth. It is full of many many bumps and those bumps equate to the highs and lows, the yes’s and no’s, the constant learning and the mastering of crafts. On a scale of smooth new road surface to rocky mountain range, 2022 felt bigger than Mount Everest.

In 2022, I experienced shows, jobs, and relationships on a bigger scale than one could have predicted and as I move into 2023 I am putting energy into avoiding those bumpy pot holes that burst my tires. A lot of that comes from understanding what I need and where I want to go which are both things I am still actively working on understanding...

Set the boundaries - not to always stay safe within - but to help guide you on a path which leads to excitement and the freedom to know you can swerve at any moment.

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